Monday, September 11, 2017

Whining Crybabies on the Left

I am sick of seeing the childish crap from liberals who are still crying over Donald Trump being president. Get over it already you whining cry babies! We voted Trump into office and he will remain in office. I just saw that Firefox allows morons to create add-ons that call Trump a rapist pig. Anyone that makes this and anyone that uses it should have their ass kicked! Grow the hell up you jerks! The world doesn't give a damn about you and you will learn this one way or another.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The scum called the main stream media [MSM]

All of the main stream media have turned to the left and are calling for the eradication of the rest of us. They are the monsters that are pushing this country towards civil war. The low life leftists go around attacking Trump supporters and the media jumps for joy! Many of us on the right side have stopped watching the MSM and are going underground to watch Alex Jones and others who make more sense than anything on the MSM. Fox News lowered themselves by turning to the left. I won't watch them now.

And I will stand staunchly and say that there are a lot of hoaxes with mass shootings in this country because they want to try to get our guns. Too damn bad! We will keep our guns and we will not allow the left to win. I am calling for a boycott of anyone that puts an AD on CNN or any of the Turner networks because of CNN faking news and pushing violence against Trump and Trump supporters.

Here is more news for you freaks on the left! WE THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP AND THAT IS HOW HE BECAME PRESIDENT! Now get the hell away from me!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Do NOT Vote for Hillary Clinton!

Thursday September 8, 2016

Another day closer to November 8th and who knows what will happen? Hillary Clinton seems to be sick with some sort of malady and anyone that questions her health is fired or put out of business. Nice way to start the Fascism that she wants to lay down on this country. That woman is dangerous and many people have died trying to expose her. A Scorpio who will push the nuke button so fast that it will make our heads spin and everyone is fine with this. OR this is what her camp want us to believe. Very few people truly want to vote for this woman, so, I guess they will have to troll cemeteries to collect names of the dead to fill her votes. No one in their right mind would want to vote Hillary Clinton in as our 45th president! And I am not going to include barely 20 year olds who know NOTHING about her that think she is great because she has breasts and a vagina. Anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton is a traitor to the United States of America. At least research what the woman has done and what she is capable of before making that disturbing decision.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

My Thoughts

Saturday July 30, 2016

Bernie Sanders was so against the corporations and then he got told to either support Clinton or be destroyed. So, he wimped out and joined Clinton. He infuriated his fan base and they are swearing that they won't vote for HC. I predicted months ago that HC would steal Bernie Sanders' votes. 

Now, I have a couple of scenarios for the next few months. 

1. Barry Soetoro will eventually call for martial law and cancel elections after some sort of catastrophe happens in America.

2. Hillary Clinton will steal the presidency and we will suffer our doom.

3. Donald Trump will be killed before the election. I think a reason that Trump chose Pence for a running mate was to ensure they won't assassinate him if he does get into office. The left won't want Mike Pence as the president. 

Things are about to get even worse and more intense than ever before. Prepare yourselves.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Thursday 7/7/16

Well, now it seems that things are escalating in the USA. An Asian cop shoots a black guy four times in his car while he reaches for his wallet. Meanwhile on our southern border, reporters are being arrested just for being there on US soil reporting what is going on there. Which means that TPTB are controlling what Americans can see/know what is happening. Drugs are being brought in as well as illegals. These illegals are coming in in droves and the US reporters are arrested for filming what is happening. This also shows that the government/military/cops will arrest or shoot to kill US citizens that don't obey. Another freedom bites the dust and no one does anything about it.
Hillary Clinton gets to keep running for president because the FBI is too scared to file charges on her. The head of the FBI was either bought off or threatened with his life and his family's lives if he recommended indictment. Bill Clinton boldly gets on a plane to talk with the AG which was illegal as hell! If any of us little "Peons" did what they did, we'd be put into prison for the rest of our lives! Or be executed!
Our country is starting to become a communist dictatorship! It is all bullshit!
Now, watch in November as mass voter fraud will be committed as they elect Hillary Clinton. She is power hungry and will turn this country into a full dictatorship.
Anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton is a traitor to this country!!
There is the thought that martial law will be called in this fall, to control us.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Child VS Ape

Recently a three year old boy got into a zoo exhibit with a Silverback Gorilla. The zoo keepers killed the ape to make sure that the child would not be harmed. Now we have maniac morons crying about this beast!

Let me explain something to you morons out there! NO animal is worth a child's harm! NO animal is more important than a human! If you don't like these FACTS, get lost!

And to those that say that child should have died. I say you are not worth the bullets to blow your stupid brains out with! Now get the hell away from me!


Friday, April 22, 2016

Disease Called Humanity Pt 2

Fri 22 Apr 2016 03:39:02 PM EDT

Two news stories that hit the social pages yesterday goes to show just how awful people can be.

The first story out of Wilmington, Delaware concerns a sixteen year old girl who died as the result of being ganged up on in the girl's bathroom over a boy. They caused her to hit her head on a sink and it killed her. Every one of those girls needs to be put in jail with the toughest, bad-ass bitches already there and left to fend for themselves.

Story number two, In Chicago Illinois, a man walked out of a convenience store and got punched in the face and knocked out. The man falls into the street and people stand there staring at him and just recording with their phones as a taxi comes around the corner and runs over him and keeps on going. The man died from his injuries and no one cared. This is just terrible! All of the people that did not help this man should be forced into doing community service and have their damn phones taken away from them for a while!



Friday, April 1, 2016

Disease Called Humanity

Fri 01 Apr 2016 01:35:37 AM EDT

The world is burning down around us and there are people out there that still can't be bothered to be pissed off about it. You got people reveling in getting high on pot for the hell of it! Don't they get that the more dumbed down that they are, the easier it will be for the powers that be to do what they want with them?

It is a fiasco! Everyone is calling good evil and that which is evil, good! WHAT FREAKING IDIOTS!!

Our day of reckoning will come and the disasters will get worse as this disease that is called humanity gets what is coming to it.

The world is in utter chaos and its getting worse!
I am still voting for Donald Trump!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

North Korea

Saturday March 5, 2016

Well, North Korea put their nukes on full stand by, so that they can fire them at anyone at anytime. And now the Philippines have seized one of NK's ships under the UN's tougher sanctions on North Korea. Well, I guess fat boy in NK will either have to put up or shut up over this newest development.

And while we are at it. All of you that are Jonesing for a socialist/communist country, should take a very good look at the citizens of NK. They are starving so badly over there that they are eating grass!

Socialism leads to communism and it always and I MEAN ALWAYS leads to a dictatorship! What these bleeding heart liberals don't get is the fact that whether they like it or not, someone will always want to have power and take control of a country. When you give your government the sole power, this [North Korea] is what happens. Think about it!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Scalia is Dead

Well, this is just crappy news today. The most conservative justice on the Supreme court has died. My first thought was murder, no matter that they say it is natural causes.

Well, Obama will have to appoint a new justice member and therefore it will add another liberal to it. This sucks!

RIP to Antonin Scalia. Clarence Thomas might want to watch over his shoulder.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Disease

We have a new disease to worry about now. The Zika virus transmitted by mosquitoes and through sex has become a big problem. If a pregnant woman gets this disease, besides getting sick, her child will be born with a small head and possible brain damage. There has been some evidence that it is causing paralysis in people, too.

The liberals stopped everyone from using DDT that kept the skeeter population down. But since they deemed DDT to dangerous for plants, they stopped using it and now, the insects that bring diseases are thriving and biting humans and other animals.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pulling for Donald Trump

I am hoping that Donald Trump wins the presidency!
I go to sites that have people complaining about how Donald Trump is so mean. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS! Why is it that liberals think everything is about feelings? Enough with the how does it make you feel crap! We need to toughen up and deal with our enemies!

I read somewhere about accepting that ISIS is here to stay. I say HELL NO! We go everywhere they are and burn them to the ground!!! WE DESTROY THEM and anyone else that supports the bastards!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are on the first day of 2016 and Obama is getting ready to sign another executive order to make sure illegal aliens and refugees can get work permits to work here in America.

Hey Obama! What about the Americans that NEED jobs? How about these corporations that are laying off people so they can outsource their jobs overseas? NAFTA needs to STOP!

Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law and it needs to be abolished!


Such a happy new year, isn't it?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


This picture is worth a thousand words. I don't give a damn who likes it or not, I am voting for Donald Trump.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

War Against Sharia Law!

How dare liberals compare Trump to Hitler!!! Most of the ones that use this comparison hate Jews to begin with and didn't really give a damn if Hitler exterminated the lot of them. Years ago when the Jews were rounded up to be killed, what had they done to deserve that?

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, FDR the biggest liberal that lived back then, rounded up all Japanese and put them in camps to keep the rest of America safe. The Japanese in the country really didn't do anything to deserve it, except it was feared that they would side with Japan.

Now, Trump calls for putting Muslims in camps and people try to call him Hitler for that. THE THING IS THESE MANIAC MUSLIMS ARE GOING AROUND KILLING PEOPLE FOR NOT BEING A MUSLIM! HOW HARD IS THIS TO SEE? And the silent majority of Muslims are not standing up and speaking out against sharia law! Yes, Muslims are being slaughtered as well, but dammit, the rest need to fight against the maniacal radicals!

Yes, radicals are slipping into communities by acting like they are one of the harmless ones. Wolves in sheep's clothing and then they kill a bunch of people for their cause. All Muslims should be deported to the middle east and never allowed access back into the US!

It is my firm belief now that we MUST declare war against any and all supporters of sharia law! Any person that supports raping children should be wiped off of this planet with a smile! We must no longer allow honor killings of children and the abuse of women by these savages that think they are in the dark ages! It is time to put an end to it by force.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gun Control

Well, after the three Muslims shot a bunch of disabled people yesterday, all Obama can say is we need more gun control. What a blooming idiot! How is gun control working out in Chicago? Seems they have guns out of the hands of citizens in that city, but every day people are shot and killed. Hmm...looks to me like gun control does NOT work!

Barack Obama is either a bloody coward or he is condoning the murder of folks just trying to live their lives from day to day. Other countries are fighting ISIS and radical Islam and at least trying to stop the maniacal beasts from the middle east.

It looks very bad for us to stand around with our thumbs up our asses while people are being slaughtered for no good reason! In fact, it makes it look very much like the USA is supporting ISIS! This country hates Christians but will bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims! That is bullshit!

In my opinion if you support the raping of children and treating women lower than scum, you need to die. Your very culture needs to be erased from history itself! If you can't step into the 21st century and act like decent human beings, then you need to be treated like rabid animals and exterminated as such.

No, this country does NOT need more gun control. It needs idiot control!

My Problem with Repubs

Okay, I have mostly conservative viewpoints. However, I have a big problem with Republicans on one major issue!

They are all about saving unborn babies from abortion and that is how it should be. A woman should never use abortion as a way to be promiscuous.

HOWEVER, once those babies become adults the Repubs want to kick them out on their own and have no more to do with them. Yes, I know, just like animals in the wild kick their young out when they are old enough to fend for themselves. The thing is, there are times when help IS needed to survive in this crazy world. I have NEVER truly understood the fact that if a person is working to survive, why they can't get extra help?

Another thing, jobs are pretty freaking scarce now due to everything going on. And no, I do not think that fast food workers should have $15.00 per hour. The freaking prices would go sky high on everything else.

There should be a better balance. Help those that truly need the help and put an end to the welfare parents that have children just to get checks. Our society is ass-backwards!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sharia Law Must Be Outlawed!

I will say this and I won't walk it back! The very culture of the Muslims needs to be destroyed! Their beliefs of treating women like animals and raping children MUST BE OUTLAWED!

Like any other pest that is eradicated, so too must Islam be banished from society! Until this happens, there will be no end to these attacks from these monsters!

In the words of the Emperor from Star Wars....

"Wipe them out, all of them."

Bloody Cowards!

So, three gunmen feel so powerful that they had to go shooting in a place where there are helpless people. It is infuriating that these idiots keep running around shooting unarmed people.

If they are caught, they should be tied to a wall and forced to explain why they did what they did. And by forcing them to talk, shoot them in non-fatal areas and then when the information is gotten, shoot them right between the eyes!

It is time to fight fire with fire and people should be allowed to carry firearms to shoot back at these lowlife cowards!

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Perhaps the destruction that was predicted for September is now going to start in October. Let us look at what is happening right now.

Another explosion in China which happened on the last day of September. Someone is sabotaging China big time.

A mass shooting in Oregon on a college campus which has left at least 10 or more dead, with 20+ wounded. Wonder what the motive for this one will be? No doubt the Liberals will scream bloody murder about taking guns from everyone. If those students had been armed, someone could have shot and killed that maniac before he went through shooting the place up!

Russia is now doing air strikes in Syria to stop the rebels and Iran and China may join them. Russia is trying to protect Assad, because strangely, all of the former dictators of the middle east have been removed. Hmm...looks like the USA have their hands in this cookie jar. Nothing but trouble! I say go RUSSIA!

America has made one of the stupidest moves ever! Allowing Iran to get their grimy hands on nuclear power. The USA should of just handed them a few A-bombs and let them go ahead and blow the shit out everyone else. No doubt Iran will break their necks to get nukes to use against America and Israel. I have news for the planet, anyone trying to nuke or destroy Israel will be up shit creek with no paddles! God will destroy anyone that harms Israel.

Want to start Armageddon? Mess with Israel. Because once that happens, volcanoes will erupt, lightning bolts will hurl from the heavens and plagues will hit every corner of the planet! How about that lightning bolt that hit that mosque? It took out a hell of a lot of Muslims. But they don't get the message, just like the frigging God-less in America! God will not hold his peace! Keep pushing HIM and he will erupt in fury!

And for you morons out there that claim that nature is just random, you have shit for brains! GOD CONTROLS NATURE! IT IS BY HIS COMMAND THAT THESE STORMS, VOLCANOES, FIRES AND OTHER DISASTERS HAPPEN! He lets these things happen to humans and animals to WARN us of our getting too arrogant.

Now, we have outright mocking of God and satanists putting statues up. FRIGGING MORONS! Think that satan gives a shit about you? And just because you don't believe in him, does not change things! Ignorance is no excuse. You play with fire and you will burn forever!

Open your eyes and see that we are being destroyed because of our turning against GOD ALMIGHTY!

The Bible is right on track and coming true. Things are going to get worse on everyone for the stupidity of the majority!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 2015

Well, everywhere one looks on the internet shows some sort of calamity happening in September of 2015. We are now getting ready to go into the 13th of September and end of the Shemitah year. Will the stock markets drop on Monday? Time will tell what will happen.

Either way, things will be rough until 2025.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


This crap about black lives matter is just a bunch of racists who think they are the only people that matter on the planet! Screw that!


These police officer executions need to stop!

True Socialism-Communism

Let me explain Socialism/Communism to those that don't get it.
I will use a burger place as an example.
If I ran a hamburger place that was Socialist/Communist, you would be FORCED to get said burger plain with nothing on it. You are not allowed to dress the burger to your standards, but must eat a dry piece of meat with a dry bun. No vegetables, nothing but that burger in that shape. You eat it day by day, no change. Since you hate Capitalism which allows businesses to compete with each other to drive prices lower, you must pay for this burger which is expensive or starve. You have NO free will of your own, under Communism, a dictator dictates when you get up, when you sleep, when you work for him and if you can have fun. This is what losing your freedom comes to.
Think about it!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Explosion in China!

I seriously believe that China is under some sort of terrorist attack. This is three explosions in the past week! And I do not believe in coincidence! Who is behind this mess? The explosions are putting poisons into the air and it's killing people, animals and plants there.

I have my suspicions on who is behind these explosions but I won't say it here. Disturbing stuff!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Very Eerie Feeling!

Wednesday August 12, 2015

After seeing the explosions in China and reading about the warnings that ISIS is giving Americans right now, I must say that I have a terrible feeling that something awful is about to happen in the USA. The warning from ISIS says that American military and government officials will be beheaded in their own homes. Most people will laugh at this and dare them to come try it. But I tell you, that I have a nasty feeling that we are about to be surprised soon by something terrible! People better beware and remain vigilant! And September is approaching and there have been many rumors of something taking place in September of this year. Just what is coming? I hope nothing. But this eerie feeling is powerful!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Too Many Caligulas in America!

Yeah! I called him Bruce Jenner! That man needs his head examined! Watching the news the other day they showed him accepting an award for courage and he stood up there with a dress on and spoke like a man! It was DISTURBING! I don't give a damn whom I piss off! That was WRONG! Most men who want to be feminine at least try to talk more feminine!

I seriously think this society in America has lost its collective mind! Does the name Caligula ring a bell? Of course not, most people today don't know what the word history even means! We are rapidly becoming ancient Rome with our do whatever we want because it feels good society! And Rome was destroyed!

Our country is going to hell on a greased pole and we keep sliding further down each damn day! And if you don't like my opinions, too damn bad!


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Obama Won't Step Down

People are assuming that Obama will obey the constitution and step out of the way in 2016. I think his followers will demand him to stay in power. 

Obama has ignored the constitution thus far and so has the SCOTUS. What makes people think he will honor it when his term is up?

My prediction is he will declare himself dictator and refuse to leave the White House. And if anyone tries to get him out, they will be racist or be deemed a threat to the USA.

There will be martial law and he will make himself supreme ruler of America. 

I will be shocked if I am wrong.

The USA Is Falling Apart!

The destruction of America has just been escalated this past week! This is ridiculous! The Conservative Right have no rights and no power anymore and soon the damn left will make it a crime to have dissenting opinions from theirs!

Are we going to just stand back and allow this crap to happen? What will it take to stop this madness? It is about to get much worse than ever before! Something wicked this way comes and I am starting to believe more and more that Obama is the anti-Christ!

Christians will soon be thrown off of roofs here in America and no one will bat an eyelash! At this damn point, I am half hoping ISIS will come and take over this country and purge it of liberals! Because ISIS won't tolerate what is happening in this country!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Something Big is Coming!

With everything going on right now, something big is coming. Liberals are all going crazy to bring down rebel flags and all statues of the Confederacy. This is bullsh*t!

They think racism is going to stop just because they think they can hide our history? They are insane! I am not racist and I don't care if they take the flag down and put it in a museum, my beef is the fact that every time they get offended with something, they want to ban it. That is a bunch of CRAP!

What comes next? IDIOTS!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Advertisement Rant!

I get sick and tired of trying to look at a page and there is an AD right there covering the article! Now ADs are being forced upon us by making us wait to kill said AD! And the ones that really piss me off are the ones that hide the delete button! GAHH! Makes me want to quit using the internet completely!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

People Annoy Me!

More and more, I find that people get on my nerves! Liberals are the biggest bunch of morons that I have ever come across! Their priorities are so screwed up that they don't know if they are up or down! I would be typing all night if I posted the things that piss me off most about them. But I will say this, they are obsessed with this homosexual agenda and transgender agenda! It is disgusting at how much this is in the news constantly now! Bruce Jenner needs mental help! I think he just wants attention. UGH! That stuff should have been kept in the freaking closet!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Brace Yourselves!

Monday May 4, 2015 @ 1.29PM-

Well, as I watch the news about police officers being attacked around the nation, I am reminded that a police officer represents authority and the masses are rebelling against all authority figures at this time. Sorry to say, this will continue until 2020 and possibly even till 2025, due to Uranus in Aquarius squaring off against Pluto in Capricorn. You thought the 1960's were bad? You have seen nothing as to how bad it is going to get. Pluto in Capricorn is changing the earth on a daily basis; let's face it, you really don't know if you will step outside your front door and the ground will just give way beneath you. This is very serious business and not to be taken lightly at all. As I read on another page, the earth will be different after Pluto leaves Capricorn. And things will never be the same again. 

In the horoscope of the United States, we are having a Pluto return which makes it even more potent. Capricorn rules government, authority figures, status, and father figures. Pluto rules power, the dark side, sex, all things taboo; dark and twisted. And the square is coming from Uranus in Aries because Aries and Capricorn square each other. In the US chart, the Moon is in Aquarius and Uranus rules Aquarius. Meaning the people are ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebellion. Aries is hot tempered and wants its way, eons ago, much like a small child. In fact, Aries symbolizes youth. While Capricorn symbolizes the old ways of life and it is slow and will not be moved by anyone. So, you have the youth rising against the old, tradional ways of life to bring about change. All of the old traditions are being transformed. 

Fiery Mars [Aries] is fighting against Stony Saturn [Capricorn] and neither are willing to give an inch to the other. These next few years are going to be something. Brace yourselves!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why can't people see the truth???

Republicans just don't get it! They don't get that Obama and the liberals are PURPOSEFULLY doing things to destroy America! They can't get through their heads that Iran ALREADY has nukes and they will USE them! They are not going to make nukes in 15 years! They have them or are close to being finished to having them!

America is going to be destroyed if they think to help Iran and other Arabs try to destroy Israel. Any country that tries to mess with Israel in a big way will find themselves having earthquakes, storms, and other disasters! God will not allow his people to be harmed!

Get it through your heads!! Obama will try to bring down Israel! AND our country will see destruction!

I stand with Israel no matter what!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Obama, The Monster!

WTF??!! Obama has just said that he will do what he wants regardless of Congress. WTF??!! He should have been arrested right there and charged with TREASON! He should be shackled in prison for working against the CONSTITUTION of the USA!



Friday, February 20, 2015


Our country is a laughing stock! Obama and his cronies think ISIS would stop killing people if they had jobs. Can a person be more stupid? Yes, they can, but this is very STUPID! 

They only care about raping, killing and destroying! And YES! They are doing all of this in the name of ISLAM! The insanity of the US government is ridiculous! 

When ISIS comes here in droves and starts to rape and kill Americans, they should be dumped on DC first thing! Let them go straight to our government and start there! GRRR! Stupid idiots!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Supreme Court Justice Partly Drunk

A Supreme Court Justice admits that she was not entirely sober during the president's SOTU address. And not a thing is done about it!

Brian Williams lies about what happened to him and he gets suspended for 6 months without pay!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be FIRED!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Crack Downs

Oh man! This is getting real now! Soon the internet will be controlled by the government and the crack downs will start. Our freedoms are about to get overhauled big time. 

Watch out! Big Brother is going to regulate everything that is said and done on the world wide web.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Brian Williams Scandal

NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams got himself into a fix by telling folks he was shot down in a chopper in Iraq back in 2003.

I can't believe that he would keep talking about something that did not happen. Why would a person do such a thing? Is he getting dementia? Or did he want to be seen as doing something dangerous? Or did he just confuse himself over and over?

He has stepped down and I don't really think he will be able to return to the job. People are going nuts over this scandal and I think Brian Williams will be replaced.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

State of the Union

The State of the Union? Terrible!

So, Obama is going to put more taxes upon the top richest folks? 

This is what I hear....

"We are going to go after big corporations/businesses and anyone that has money. So, companies will be forced to cut hours and wages for the little people out here in America."

This is what happens when they do this crap! Why can't they just place a flat tax for everyone and leave it alone? 

Warehouses are now cutting hours and trying to save their butts due to Obama's insane Obamacare and other things that he has done to destroy this country! GRRR!!!! 

So, the State of the Union?.....SCREWED!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Get Ready!

Get ready for an attack to hit us. Within the next few months, we are going to be hit with a big terrorist attack. Many people all over the USA have been dreaming about it and others have been feeling it coming. 

2015 will be a year to try to survive! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Obama Snubs the March Against Terrorists

Well Barack Obama just thumbed his nose at France and everyone else that marched against terrorism. So, it is fine for every other religion to be ridiculed except Islam? I think this incident shows Obama's true colors if nothing else does. He stands with the Muslims and refuses to speak against these maniacs that are killing everyone that they don't approve of.

I think he has done a LOT of damage to himself with this snub and time will tell how it works out for him. He is an embarrassment to America! How much longer until he declares Sharia Law here? 


Sunday, January 4, 2015


VIDEO: Former FBI outs the government

Ted Gunderson was in the FBI and witnessed things that he could no longer keep silent about! I could be endangering myself and my family by just sharing this video!

He explains the scandals from Pearl Harbor to 9/11 and in between horrors like children across the USA have been kidnapped and sold into sex slavery for DC big shots! Boys are their preference, too.

Ted Gunderson was threatened as well as his family and they finally killed him with cancer. But he had the guts to come forward and speak HIS TRUTH!!! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Interview

Well, well take a look at the new movie, The Interview. Everyone wants to watch it now since it supposedly caused a hack attack. It was NOT North Korea that did the hacking! I doubt that Kim Jung Un even knew about the movie.

Think of it, who would have even cared about this movie before all of this mess happened? Now, people want to see it just because of all the news around it. 

In other words, this was an INSIDE job.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Executed Police Officers

RIP to the two NYPD police officers who were executed in their squad car yesterday, Saturday December 20, 2014. Their families lost two men right before Christmas and their lives have been changed forever.

Everyone who goes about calling for the death of cops should be flogged! They are inciting the murder of the good guys! Not all cops are bad! This stuff needs to stop, but it is only going to get worse.

Where was the headlines about the assassination of these men? My heart bleeds for their families. Now, instead of having a happy Christmas, they must bury their dead.

The world is going down in flames and it gets worse day by day.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hack Attacks

Well, we have had non-stop hack attacks lately and I hope everyone can see what this will lead to. The government will step in and take control of the internet. They have been wanting to control what goes on in cyberspace anyway and soon, they will regulate what we the little people can see and do on the world wide web.

I hope everyone is prepared to lose their internet freedoms.

Monday, December 15, 2014

All Feminists Around the World Should Volunteer to Take ISIS Captive's Places!

Monday 12-15-14

Why has the entire world just stopped fighting for the women that ISIS captures? Listening to Michael Savage right now and his talking about what they do the girls and women should be heard by the entire world!

Maybe we should send all of our feminists over there to ISIS to trade for the girls they have kidnapped? From Hillary Clinton to Angela Merkel all of those that are in favor of Sharia Law and being beaten by sex maniacs should volunteer to give themselves to these monsters!

People need to speak up for these captive girls and women!

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Sun Could Kill Our Power for a Long Time

Well, here is a new report which is actually from 2012. We are being warned that the solar storms may kill our power grids and destroy our electricity for months on end.

Well, they could now do an EMP and blame it on the solar activity. All signs are pointing to a destructive event on our horizon and I for one dread it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CIA Report

This morning, London, KY around Somerset got an extreme alert sent out to people with cell phones! It claimed that an alert for a civil crisis was being issued. Now, there was nothing going on, but just like in the south a few months back got TV alerts warning about a crisis taking place. Nothing happened.

I think these are practice runs like tornado warnings to make sure they work. Thing is today, the CIA released its torture report and how they treated their prisoners in Gitmo and other places. 

Now, they are thinking that an attack could happen here in the USA due to this report. Something is coming! Time will tell.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Truly Frightening!

After watching this video, I can see the effects of so called autism. I would go a step farther and say the children were made into zombies. They are slack jawed, lifeless, dull eyes like a Voodoo made zombie.

And people wonder why these now adults are not very intelligent. They were deliberately brain damaged! Watch this video!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Staten Island cop got a pass

Eric Garner was killed for selling loose cigarettes! He was trying to make a living and they harassed him over it. Back in July 2014, the man was not acting like Michael Brown!

The cop jumped on his back and choked him out! This man begged for his breath and the cop still pressed him and it killed him! This is bullshit!

The government in NYC have blood on their hands! How much longer till a can of soda is outlawed? I will drink them no matter what! I am not a cop hater, and I sided with the police in the Michael Brown case, but this death was so damn wrong!

STUPID LAW! A person should protest against stupid laws! It is the same as if a cop beats the hell out of a person for jay walking! IT IS WRONG!

And for those that say obey! The Jews in Germany obeyed to keep peace and they died for it! Bullshit on obeying every fucking law, just because someone tells you to do so!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why is no one talking about the Bosnian Hammer Victim?

Tuesday 12/2/14

I think I have heard crickets chirping instead of anyone outraged over the Bosnian that got murdered with a hammer this past Sunday.

A gang of blacks beat him to death with a damn hammer while his wife watched! She needed a gun to blow them all away!

These monsters should be beaten to death with hammers as well!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Warning of Nuke in Chicago

There is news from a source that had found out in advance of the 9/11/01 attack, that was preplanned and came to pass, that in 2015, there is supposed to be a nuclear bomb go off in Chicago. 

We can only hope that this is inaccurate but the way things are going, it would not surprise me. In fact, I have already predicted this before hand. I have felt for quite some time that a nuclear bomb will explode in Chicago in the future. 

What can we do? Expect the worst and try to prepare for it, but hope for the best. Recently, I had a nightmare about a nuke on the ground going off in DC. I watched Hillary Clinton and a man whom was a Republican melt before my eyes in said dream. Truly frightening stuff there! 

Our country is being systematically destroyed and we are watching it die slowly.


Oh how I would love to tell some folks off over this amnesty thing. There are poor people in America that are struggling to survive and can't get the help they truly need and here comes people from another country to just take the welfare and food stamps that OUR people need! WTH???!!! 

I feel sorry for them, but jeesh our people need help too! This new world order thing sucks! The powers that be want to hire illegals for less money and make Americans even worse off. This is what will happen.

Our jobs pay less money, give less hours and expect people to live on this! They want people to go on welfare! This is so bullsh*t! A person works forty hours a week and only gets $300.00?? This is WRONG! When you think you have a decent job, lo and behold! They cut hours back! A person can't get ahead in this world at all. GRRR!

Obama can stick his amnesty!

Bill Cosby

I have been following this Bill Cosby fiasco for a while now and I was staunchly supporting him. However, the more people keep coming out about him, the more difficult it is to not believe them. But this is not the only big name to do these sorts of things. 

Why not blow the lid off of all of the sexual predators in power? I am talking Hollywood, DC,  and anywhere else there are people in power. How about the secret societies of the uber wealthy that have sex with children? 

Wouldn't you just love to have a list of names of all the famous people who have sexually abused someone else? What about Woody Allen whom married a girl that was the daughter of the woman he was seeing? No one drags him though the mud and demands answers from him. Why is that?

How about that casting couch thing? How many have gotten famous this way? If you are going to come out against one, you should come out against all. Just what secrets lurks out there? Let's hope they are dredged up soon.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Beheading

Yet another person is decapitated by ISIS and no one seems to care a bit about it. I miss the old days and how if something like that would have happened one time, those fiends would have been wiped off the earth!

Maybe if Obama's family were in that situation, he might care enough to wipe the bastards out! It is infuriating that he does nothing to stop them. Nothing of real importance that is.

I hope those beheaded souls haunt the ones that do this and those that stand by and let it happen!

Monday, November 10, 2014

AG Choice

So, Obama is trying to rush and put in Eric Holder's best pal as the new Attorney General. REALLY? You would think after November 4th, that Barry Obama would have gotten a message that people don't want his cronies in office! He just ignores the populace and keeps on doing whatever he wants to do. Is this really a surprise? No. Is it annoying? Yes!

She is already planning to fight voter ID laws. Speaking of the illegals voting, most of the Mexicans are religious! VERY religious and it could backfire upon the Liberals. But back to Loretta Lynch, she is a female version of Eric Holder. Nothing will change there.

I would hope that they don't put her in, because she is Liberal and will let her connections rule her judgments.

Say no to Lynch!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Banning Tobacco, Etc VS Freedom
Well, Westminster, Massachusetts is trying to ban all tobacco products. I am against this, because it impedes upon personal freedom of choice. I do not smoke, but for those that do smoke, this is going against these folk's right to happiness. Sure, it is a bad habit, but the beauty of this country is the fact that we have freedoms to do things that other countries can't.

If this town bans the products, the people will just go to another town to buy their products and the stores in said town will lose revenue. We do NOT need a nanny telling us what is bad for us and what we can't do. Just leave us alone and let us do what we want to do.

Where does this banning stuff stop? Just because a person does not like what another person does, it does not give them the right to try to force them to stop that person! I have no problems with people smoking outside. It is their business and their life, who am I to tell them how to live it or what to do?

You can't prevent disease and you can't prevent death from happening. We all die when our time is up. And our tax dollars go to weird stuff all the time. It should go to helping people with their health.

In the words of Patrick Henry..."I know not course that others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."

Climate-Earth Changes

Here I go on a Earth change rant! All of the people screaming about the changes to the climate are those that believe in Darwinism. Good Ole Charles Darwin sailed his Beagle and saw things that showed him that life changes. Plants and animals adapt to their environment and as such, they evolve.

Now, throughout time this planet has gone through huge changes with or without mankind being here. Animals have gone extinct when the time has come that they were no longer necessary to the planet. Yes, some have been hunted to extinction, but I still believe that their time was up. Survival of the fittest and only the strongest will survive.

So, we have all kinds of people who drive in SUVs and fly on jet airliners yakking about how the climate is changing and weather is getting worse everywhere. They even want to put naysayers in prison for expressing their beliefs that man has little to do with these shifts.

My point? THE EARTH CHANGES NO MATTER WHAT! THERE IS NOT A DAMN THING HUMANS CAN DO TO STOP IT, EITHER! You people will either have to deal with it or kill yourselves off to make yourselves feel better about it. George Carlin said it best, "This planet has been around for a long time and it can take care of itself. It will shake us off like fleas when the time is right."

The very people who whine about evolution freak out when they get to see it actually take place. My advice? Try to survive all of the changes taking place. And if you don't, you were never meant to.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Black against White

The reason this man was attacked? See Fact #2.
Well, here we go right back to Ferguson, Missouri and see what has been going on.

Fact #1. Multiple autopsies showed that officer Darren Wilson was telling the truth about what happened with Michael Brown. The man attacked the officer and he was shot in self defense!
Fact #2. A lot of black people HATE white people.
Fact #3. No matter if the cop is telling the truth, he must get away from that city due to his life and his families' lives will be in danger for as long as they live.
Now, my opinion is this, all white people living and having businesses in that city should LEAVE! Don't bother with rebuilding, let the savages rebuild their own community and see how that works out for them.

More thoughts: Arrest these people that have no other thought except for attacking and killing white people.


Declare martial law and have the military come in and shoot to kill anyone caught rioting and destroying property. Send a clear message to these beasts that their savagery will no longer be tolerated.


More states are legalizing pot and making it okay for anyone to get high. Okay, I will say that I do not believe that people should be in prison for smoking weed.

I am for medical MJ if it helps a person to eat and eases pain, but not for abusing it to get high just because a person can. There are way too many drug abusers and alcohol abusers out there and in my opinion, they are slowly killing themselves.

People are trying to escape their every day problems, but as soon as the high wears off, the problems are still there. It wastes your life away and brings pain to your family and friends.

And if you do drugs and drink to excess, please don't get behind the wheel of a car and drive, too many people have lost their lives due to this problem.

To me, it seems as if more and more people are losing brain cells due to drug ingestion. Although, watching TV, most of the commercials are pushing you to take some kind of drug. I see the entire US making pot legal at some point in the future, but at what price?

Gay Rights

Okay, this post is about gay rights. I do not condone homosexuality, however, I think they should have civil unions and have rights to each other and their families. Republicans need to realize that they will have to accept that homosexuals, etc are HUMAN above everything else and they want rights as well.

There have been gay people around since time began and all of the Bible thumping in the world is not going to change it. It is not something that a straight person has to condone or participate in, but just give them their rights and let them do what they want as long as no one gets harmed/hurt.

When it comes to public displays of affection, I don't want to see anyone making out. I don't care if two men walk down a street holding hands or give each other a quick smooch. But I hope they don't try to stick their tongues down each other's throats in public. I don't want to see a man and woman do that either.

If Republicans can get their act together on this subject, they will have a good chance at getting more folks behind them.

And as I have stated all of the Neo/Cons need to understand that TIMES ARE CHANGING. Live and let live. I know that these types don't like Rinos, but they are going to have to get with the times a bit in order to save this country!

Work to do

Well, the Republicans will take control again in January of 2015. They must prove that they will fight Obama's agenda and try to straighten out the mess he has created on all fronts. If they fail to do this, I think politics as we know it will be destroyed.

They need to understand that folks are fed up with politics and want a better economy with more jobs. If they don't straighten this crap out, we are all doomed!

The public eye is now focused upon the Republicans and we are all watching what they do.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Right to Die

I have been reading comments on various news sites from people sitting in judgement of the lady with brain cancer that was killing her, taking a cocktail two days ago to kill herself. These so called judges are claiming that this woman is burning in hell now. Really? There is only one sin that a person can not get forgiveness for and that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

How dare these people condemn that poor woman the way they are! Have they watched their loved ones slowly dying from a horrible disease? Have they heard the screams of their loved ones from agonizing pain? Who the hell do they think they are? God forbid they end up suffering horribly before they die!

I fully support assisted death when a person is already dying! People put their animals to sleep when they are suffering, but expect a human to suffer until they die naturally. That is insane! Oh man! This pisses me off!

It should be up to the individual and their Maker to choose how they die when they are suffering terribly with a terminal disease.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Pluto in Capricorn-Uranus in Aries

Astrology Report-Pluto in Capricorn/Uranus in Aries

Everyday I see signs of what Pluto in Capricorn is doing to this country and world. Capricorn is a strong sign that represents structure and authority, it represents corporations, capitalism, and government and it is a sign of restriction-making do with less.

Now, Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and this planet destroys everything it hits! It rules sex, death and rebirth. It transforms all that it touches and it will FORCE you to change whether you want to or not.

I see ISIS-a group of Muslim men whom want to impose their beliefs on the entire world and at the same time, they can't get enough sex. Capricorn and Scorpio both want others to bow to their will and obey them. So Pluto in Capricorn is a heavy dose of do as I say! These men are raping women en masse-Pluto in Capricorn. And then killing them or using them as slaves. The themes are happening over and over.

Capricorn also rules the structure of society and Pluto is breaking it down steadily. Even the earth is falling apart, earthquakes and sink holes are happening everywhere and buildings are falling apart. Road ways and bridges and other things are just collapsing as Pluto destroys every thing we were ever used to.

Now, let's add the square [tension] from Uranus in Aries to this mess and you get the populace ruled by Uranus-The USA's Moon is in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus. Aries is another cardinal sign like Capricorn and it squares off against Capricorn while Uranus is going through this sign. The youth [Aries] are rebelling [Uranus] against the old [Capricorn] in powerful [Pluto] ways.

Everything that people have ever been used to and are clinging to is being transformed or destroyed. There is no turning back from it, either.

People who have Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn planets or angles in their charts, will be strongly affected by these times. I suggest you get your charts done and prepare for the worst because this stuff is going to go on for quite a while.

Uranus takes seven years to complete a sign and it won't be leaving Aries until 2019. And Pluto can spend up to thirty years in one sign, it won't be leaving Capricorn until 2024. So, batten down the hatches and try to survive these rough years!

Uranus >The Lightening Struck Tower
Aries >The Fool
Capricorn >The Devil
Pluto >Death

Now, Capricorn's ruler is Saturn and until next year, it remains in the sign Scorpio...ruled by Pluto so this makes Saturn influence the Pluto in Capricorn time even more strong.

Saturn is strict and tolerates no frivolities.

I have noticed that comedians have come under attack more and more since a few years back. This is due to the Capricorn/Saturn influence. Capricorn is not one for laughter or joking around, especially over what they consider serious topics. Thus you see people not putting up with jokes about serious issues now.

Another topic that is in the news assisted suicide. End of life right to die issues are coming up more and more. Capricorn rules the elderly and Pluto rules death so expect more older folks to be helped into the next life. There have been talk about death panels, but within the next few years, this will be a big issue.

Life as we knew it is changing and those that thought the 1960's were an era of change haven't seen anything like what is going on now. Good luck to all!

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Ebola Czar

I am speechless over this. Obama just put a LAWYER over the Ebola crisis! How can anyone be that stupid? This guy has NO medical knowledge at all. I can't even muster energy to rant over this. Things are going to hell on a greased pole now!

Can anyone be more worse than Barry Obama in this government? They need to be impeached and thrown out of America!


And the president hugged and kissed the nurses whom had taken care of the Ebola patient that died!He should be isolated and watched!

And I will say this, that if the only people who die from Ebola are black, there will be an uprising about it! It does seem that the Caucasians that "get it" seem to recover with no problems. And Africans/blacks suffer and die from it. Hmmm.....makes me wonder.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pushing Drugs on TV

Here comes my rant on drug companies pushing their drugs during every TV commercial! They always say ask your doctor...blah, blah, blah! It is my belief that your doctor should be the ONLY one to tell you what drugs you may need! These stupid commercials sound like your doctor is the dumbest person on earth!

They push everything from erectile dysfunction drugs to RA drugs and as I said, a doctor should be the one to diagnose a person and provide the proper medications.

And listening to their side effects is downright scary! Half of them have more side effects than the actual problem that a person is suffering from. I won't take anything that makes me nauseous! And/or could cause my death! I wish these things would be BANNED from TV!

Why not? This country is banning everything else!~Tonya Brooks~Wednesday October 8th, 2014

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Okay, I am first to admit that I believe in things that cannot be explained. I have witnessed things that do not have any rational explanation. Yes, I believe in ghosts and the unexplainable.

HOWEVER, I do not believe every thing that comes from my government! I do not blindly put 100% of my trust into any government! I can't believe how many people out there just accept every thing they hear on the news about how the govt has our best interests at heart. REALLY???!!!

The government has ITS best interests at heart and what is more, they don't exactly give a damn about the poor folks of this country or the world for that matter. They have used poor people as guinea pigs for many years now.

It is all about MONEY and if you have a lot of it, they will take the best care of you, but if you don't, you are out of luck!

It will be in people's best interests to do research on the things that the government has done in the past to people.

In my opinion, beware whom you trust.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Somehow, the president's wife has proclaimed herself Nazi-in-chef over schools in America! She is starving kids all because SHE deems them too fat!

I am thankful that I do not have children because I would fly in on these idiots who support her. Technology has made people fat! There is no actual activity due to playing video games, using iphones, computers, etc!

America needs to wake up and stop blindly following this government! Or any damn govt!

Conspiracy Theories or TRUTH?

Okay, I am going to admit that I am leaning more to the TRUTH side on these things.

I will start with the Sandy Hook Hoax. YES, it was a hoax that was put into play to try to get people riled against gun owners and want to ban guns in the USA. It obviously failed! Back to the topic, what decided me was the videos that showed supposed -parents- that were about to talk about their dead children, laughing. These people were laughing and joking just before going on camera and right before the cameras started rolling, they did a get into the role act. They faked grief! This alone makes me believe it was faked.

I will post a link to the video that made a believer out of me.

Now,over the years, I have come to accept that September 11, 2001 was an INSIDE JOB! Yes. The main thing that convinces me is so purely simple.

The Middle Eastern Arabs are NOT intelligent! They are not smart enough to navigate a huge plane like those supposed planes by themselves. They could not have guided those planes back and forth until they got onto a target like that. They just are not smart people! Look at their countries! They are primitive and all these people care about is sex and death. Think about it!

And just recently it was told that if John Glenn had died in space, the US Govt would have blamed it on Castro. They had plans to kill a bunch of Americans in a plane and blame it on Cuba!

I say do not trust your government! Blind faith in this government could get you killed!


Oh what to say here? ISIS has been beheading Americans and Europeans and even though they are supposedly being bombed, they keep right on committing horrendous rapes and murders! I could go and on about these monsters but I will only say this:

To stop them, tell them that we are slaughtering a hog and putting a nuclear bomb inside its carcass and then taking it and putting it on a bomber flown by a woman and exterminating them all! And then DO IT!

Next issue....


I must speak my mind on this crisis that has hit the USA. We have had a mystery virus going around and putting children in the hospital and some are experiencing paralysis. Just about every state in the continental US has patients in the hospital with this disease. Now, the word is that at least four children have died and reports are coming in that two adults have died in Colorado from this disease. They call it Enterovirus D68. The symptoms start like a bad cold and makes it hard to breathe.

The Ebola virus has now been entered into the USA as well. This disease is another flu-like illness that seems to combine the flu with a stomach virus and then makes a person bleed to death. People in Africa are dying from this disease. And it is so dangerous that a person near the infected is supposed to wear hazardous protective gear. In Dallas, Texas they were not aware that the man had Ebola until after he was showing symptoms. They keep trying to downplay this disease when they should be telling us the truth. I think it is airborne. They say it is only caught by fluid transference but I still think sneezing is fluid transference!

Our country is not prepared to handle mass outbreaks.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Future

Sunday August 25, 2013 @ 1.53AM-

My thoughts on what is coming in America's future-

It is easy to see with everything happening lately that the powers that be want this country brought down. Now, everyone wants to blame it on the president and I will admit that I get hot under the collar over Obama's work. But this started under Bush's watch and therefore, I believe there is a "Shadow Government" that is behind all of the crap that is going on. George Bush told Glenn Beck that no matter who sits behind the president's desk, they will do the same thing that he did. Now, if this does not tell you that there is something going on behind the scenes, nothing will. After reading a comment from a retired USAF soldier earlier, I am convinced this is true. This man told of being in the USAF around 1973 and being at Hurlburt Field, here in Florida at a briefing on future matters. This retired soldier talked about how the officer there had warned them that by 2020, the major news outlets would be under communist/socialist control and our government would become communist/socialist too.
This man mentioned that he was told that UN forces would come into this country and suppress rebels and rioters. After this USAF soldier had spoken of these things, he stated that the destruction of America has been pre-planned for a very long time. This should scare people and make them wonder what will happen next?
I see sites that talk about the US citizens having guns to fight the tyranny of our government and I have to laugh. Back in 1776, both sides were pretty much evenly matched. In 2013, our government has tanks, drones, secret weapons, etc. There is no way that the average citizen could stand up to those sorts of weapons. It would be like the folks at the Alamo, a few hundred against 5000+ they would slaughter us or round us up and put us in concentration camps. Let's be honest, we don't stand a ghost of a chance against this tyrannical government. This realization in itself is disturbing and it should disturb everyone who is worrying about losing their freedoms.
The USA is being changed profoundly and there will be no going back. Slowly our lives are being forced to change and there is nothing that we can really do about it.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I don't know about anyone else, but every time I see the news and have to see the double standards that are happening everywhere now, I get so freaking angry! It seems now, that blacks are now killing whites everywhere and not one race baiter comes out against it. Instead the blacks keep calling for more people to kill whites! There is a man in the Homeland Security Dept that is calling for blacks to rise up and kill all whites! Can you believe this crap? Although he also attacks all blacks who supposedly cater to any whites. This crap needs to stop and needs to stop now! They are pushing for a race war and it is coming!
But in Chicago it is mainly black on black crime and nothing is said in the main stream media! NOTHING! Where is Al Sharpton? Obama? The double standard that is rife in this country is staggering! It pisses me off that all of this is going on! Blacks can say and do what they want and get away with it, but if a white does it they nearly get hanged from the nearest tree! And now, the freaking morons are putting everyone who is not black into the same category as white. Hispanics, Asians, Europeans are merely white..or creepy ass crackers now.  BS!
This needs to stop! But it will continue to get worse and soon, nowhere will be safe.