Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Future

Sunday August 25, 2013 @ 1.53AM-

My thoughts on what is coming in America's future-

It is easy to see with everything happening lately that the powers that be want this country brought down. Now, everyone wants to blame it on the president and I will admit that I get hot under the collar over Obama's work. But this started under Bush's watch and therefore, I believe there is a "Shadow Government" that is behind all of the crap that is going on. George Bush told Glenn Beck that no matter who sits behind the president's desk, they will do the same thing that he did. Now, if this does not tell you that there is something going on behind the scenes, nothing will. After reading a comment from a retired USAF soldier earlier, I am convinced this is true. This man told of being in the USAF around 1973 and being at Hurlburt Field, here in Florida at a briefing on future matters. This retired soldier talked about how the officer there had warned them that by 2020, the major news outlets would be under communist/socialist control and our government would become communist/socialist too.
This man mentioned that he was told that UN forces would come into this country and suppress rebels and rioters. After this USAF soldier had spoken of these things, he stated that the destruction of America has been pre-planned for a very long time. This should scare people and make them wonder what will happen next?
I see sites that talk about the US citizens having guns to fight the tyranny of our government and I have to laugh. Back in 1776, both sides were pretty much evenly matched. In 2013, our government has tanks, drones, secret weapons, etc. There is no way that the average citizen could stand up to those sorts of weapons. It would be like the folks at the Alamo, a few hundred against 5000+ they would slaughter us or round us up and put us in concentration camps. Let's be honest, we don't stand a ghost of a chance against this tyrannical government. This realization in itself is disturbing and it should disturb everyone who is worrying about losing their freedoms.
The USA is being changed profoundly and there will be no going back. Slowly our lives are being forced to change and there is nothing that we can really do about it.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I don't know about anyone else, but every time I see the news and have to see the double standards that are happening everywhere now, I get so freaking angry! It seems now, that blacks are now killing whites everywhere and not one race baiter comes out against it. Instead the blacks keep calling for more people to kill whites! There is a man in the Homeland Security Dept that is calling for blacks to rise up and kill all whites! Can you believe this crap? Although he also attacks all blacks who supposedly cater to any whites. This crap needs to stop and needs to stop now! They are pushing for a race war and it is coming!
But in Chicago it is mainly black on black crime and nothing is said in the main stream media! NOTHING! Where is Al Sharpton? Obama? The double standard that is rife in this country is staggering! It pisses me off that all of this is going on! Blacks can say and do what they want and get away with it, but if a white does it they nearly get hanged from the nearest tree! And now, the freaking morons are putting everyone who is not black into the same category as white. Hispanics, Asians, Europeans are merely white..or creepy ass crackers now.  BS!
This needs to stop! But it will continue to get worse and soon, nowhere will be safe.