Sunday, July 19, 2015

Too Many Caligulas in America!

Yeah! I called him Bruce Jenner! That man needs his head examined! Watching the news the other day they showed him accepting an award for courage and he stood up there with a dress on and spoke like a man! It was DISTURBING! I don't give a damn whom I piss off! That was WRONG! Most men who want to be feminine at least try to talk more feminine!

I seriously think this society in America has lost its collective mind! Does the name Caligula ring a bell? Of course not, most people today don't know what the word history even means! We are rapidly becoming ancient Rome with our do whatever we want because it feels good society! And Rome was destroyed!

Our country is going to hell on a greased pole and we keep sliding further down each damn day! And if you don't like my opinions, too damn bad!