Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 2015

Well, everywhere one looks on the internet shows some sort of calamity happening in September of 2015. We are now getting ready to go into the 13th of September and end of the Shemitah year. Will the stock markets drop on Monday? Time will tell what will happen.

Either way, things will be rough until 2025.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


This crap about black lives matter is just a bunch of racists who think they are the only people that matter on the planet! Screw that!


These police officer executions need to stop!

True Socialism-Communism

Let me explain Socialism/Communism to those that don't get it.
I will use a burger place as an example.
If I ran a hamburger place that was Socialist/Communist, you would be FORCED to get said burger plain with nothing on it. You are not allowed to dress the burger to your standards, but must eat a dry piece of meat with a dry bun. No vegetables, nothing but that burger in that shape. You eat it day by day, no change. Since you hate Capitalism which allows businesses to compete with each other to drive prices lower, you must pay for this burger which is expensive or starve. You have NO free will of your own, under Communism, a dictator dictates when you get up, when you sleep, when you work for him and if you can have fun. This is what losing your freedom comes to.
Think about it!