Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gun Control

Well, after the three Muslims shot a bunch of disabled people yesterday, all Obama can say is we need more gun control. What a blooming idiot! How is gun control working out in Chicago? Seems they have guns out of the hands of citizens in that city, but every day people are shot and killed. Hmm...looks to me like gun control does NOT work!

Barack Obama is either a bloody coward or he is condoning the murder of folks just trying to live their lives from day to day. Other countries are fighting ISIS and radical Islam and at least trying to stop the maniacal beasts from the middle east.

It looks very bad for us to stand around with our thumbs up our asses while people are being slaughtered for no good reason! In fact, it makes it look very much like the USA is supporting ISIS! This country hates Christians but will bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims! That is bullshit!

In my opinion if you support the raping of children and treating women lower than scum, you need to die. Your very culture needs to be erased from history itself! If you can't step into the 21st century and act like decent human beings, then you need to be treated like rabid animals and exterminated as such.

No, this country does NOT need more gun control. It needs idiot control!

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