Tuesday, December 8, 2015

War Against Sharia Law!

How dare liberals compare Trump to Hitler!!! Most of the ones that use this comparison hate Jews to begin with and didn't really give a damn if Hitler exterminated the lot of them. Years ago when the Jews were rounded up to be killed, what had they done to deserve that?

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, FDR the biggest liberal that lived back then, rounded up all Japanese and put them in camps to keep the rest of America safe. The Japanese in the country really didn't do anything to deserve it, except it was feared that they would side with Japan.

Now, Trump calls for putting Muslims in camps and people try to call him Hitler for that. THE THING IS THESE MANIAC MUSLIMS ARE GOING AROUND KILLING PEOPLE FOR NOT BEING A MUSLIM! HOW HARD IS THIS TO SEE? And the silent majority of Muslims are not standing up and speaking out against sharia law! Yes, Muslims are being slaughtered as well, but dammit, the rest need to fight against the maniacal radicals!

Yes, radicals are slipping into communities by acting like they are one of the harmless ones. Wolves in sheep's clothing and then they kill a bunch of people for their cause. All Muslims should be deported to the middle east and never allowed access back into the US!

It is my firm belief now that we MUST declare war against any and all supporters of sharia law! Any person that supports raping children should be wiped off of this planet with a smile! We must no longer allow honor killings of children and the abuse of women by these savages that think they are in the dark ages! It is time to put an end to it by force.

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