Thursday, July 7, 2016


Thursday 7/7/16

Well, now it seems that things are escalating in the USA. An Asian cop shoots a black guy four times in his car while he reaches for his wallet. Meanwhile on our southern border, reporters are being arrested just for being there on US soil reporting what is going on there. Which means that TPTB are controlling what Americans can see/know what is happening. Drugs are being brought in as well as illegals. These illegals are coming in in droves and the US reporters are arrested for filming what is happening. This also shows that the government/military/cops will arrest or shoot to kill US citizens that don't obey. Another freedom bites the dust and no one does anything about it.
Hillary Clinton gets to keep running for president because the FBI is too scared to file charges on her. The head of the FBI was either bought off or threatened with his life and his family's lives if he recommended indictment. Bill Clinton boldly gets on a plane to talk with the AG which was illegal as hell! If any of us little "Peons" did what they did, we'd be put into prison for the rest of our lives! Or be executed!
Our country is starting to become a communist dictatorship! It is all bullshit!
Now, watch in November as mass voter fraud will be committed as they elect Hillary Clinton. She is power hungry and will turn this country into a full dictatorship.
Anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton is a traitor to this country!!
There is the thought that martial law will be called in this fall, to control us.

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  1. Definitely escalating! 12 police officers were sniped in Dallas, TX on the night of the 7th. 5 of them died. It is supposedly black lives matter members. But I think Hillary Clinton is behind it to cause a distraction and also make people want gun control.