Friday, June 16, 2017

The scum called the main stream media [MSM]

All of the main stream media have turned to the left and are calling for the eradication of the rest of us. They are the monsters that are pushing this country towards civil war. The low life leftists go around attacking Trump supporters and the media jumps for joy! Many of us on the right side have stopped watching the MSM and are going underground to watch Alex Jones and others who make more sense than anything on the MSM. Fox News lowered themselves by turning to the left. I won't watch them now.

And I will stand staunchly and say that there are a lot of hoaxes with mass shootings in this country because they want to try to get our guns. Too damn bad! We will keep our guns and we will not allow the left to win. I am calling for a boycott of anyone that puts an AD on CNN or any of the Turner networks because of CNN faking news and pushing violence against Trump and Trump supporters.

Here is more news for you freaks on the left! WE THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP AND THAT IS HOW HE BECAME PRESIDENT! Now get the hell away from me!

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